Vera Lynn – (rhyming slang) 1. chin; 2. gin Veranda over the toolshed - Last updated: January 6, 2002

Vera Lynn – (rhyming slang) 1. chin; 2. gin Veranda over the toolshed / Verandah over the toolshed - belly over the male genitals Veranda over the toy shop / Verandah over the toy shop - (euphemism for) beer gut Verbal – (prison) 1. verbal confession, usually made to the police and recorded by them, and sometimes alleged to be fabricated; 2. (of the police) insert into a prisoner's statement admissions which they did not make, and present it to a court as evidence Verbal diarrhoea - talking utter rubbish; talking too much Veronica - search engine for the Internet (acronym from Very Easy, Rodent-Oriented, Net-wide, Index of Computerised Archives) VI – (police, etc.) (of a dead body) putrefied and infested with maggots; fly-blown (standing for “Vermin Infested”) Vibe - 1. rhythm: “It's got a great vibe; latin vibes”; 2. any musical aspect or quality indicative of a genre: “it has a commercial vibe”; 3. mood or atmosphere; feeling: “The place had a nice vibe to it”; 4. (plural) signals or messages sent out to someone: “giving him bad vibes”; “He just doesn't know how to pick up vibes” Vicious - cool; excellent: unreal Victor Trumper – 1. dumper (rhyming slang); 2. cigarette butt Vid – video Village bike - promiscuous woman
Vinnie's / Vinnies / Vinny's - St. Vincent de Paul charity shop Vino – wine (Italian) Vinyl - 1. music recorded on vinyl, as opposed to CDs; 2. (of music) recorded or released on vinyl: “played a mean set of vinyl house” Violet Crumble – 1. chocolate-coated honeycomb bar; 2. tumble (rhyming slang); 3. take a tumble (rhyming slang); 4. understand Virgin - person who has not experienced something: “I'm an opera virgin, and intend to remain that way; a skateboard virgin” Virgin bride – ride (rhyming slang) Virus, the - the HIV virus, Himan Immunodeficiency Virus: “He's got the virus” Vitamin E - drug ecstasy Volksie / Volksy - Volkswagen car Vomit-making - unattractive or unpleasant, as an idea, colour, etc.: “I think the whole concept is pretty vomit-making” Vote with one's feet – 1. express one's disapproval by leaving; 2. public exhibition of sympathy, opposition, etc., as a mass meeting, demonstration or march VPL - edge of underwear seen through the overgarment (initialism of “Visible Panty Line”)


W.A.F.I. - Wind Assisted Fucking Idiot (in sailing)

W.p.b. - wastepaper basket

W.p.b. file - wastepaper basket, viewed as a place for filing useless or unwanted material

WA – 1. Western Australia; 2. West Africa

Wack – 1. place in a rough or slap-dash manner: “Just whack it down in the corner; whacked a dirty big line through it”; put; 2. go or attempt: “take a whack at a job”; 3. portion or share: “pays his whack”; “Give me my whack now”; 4. act of male masturbation; wank

Wack off - masturbate

Wack off with - steal: “Who whacked off with me pencil sharpener?”

Wack the illie / Wack the illy - perform a confidence tricks; be a con artist (probably a variant of “eelie”)

Wack up - divide up; share

Wacked - 1. exhausted; defeated: “I am whacked from all that work”; 2. under the effects of alcohol or drugs; out of it

Wacked out - under the effects of alcohol or drugs; out of it

Wacker - stupid person

Wackie / Wacky – 1. erratic, irrational, or unconventional; 2. crazy

Wacking - large: “whacking great smack on the lips”

Wacko – 1. expression denoting pleasure, delight, etc.; 2. eccentric; crazy; bizarre

Wacko-the-did / Wacko-the-diddle-oh - expression denoting pleasure, delight, etc.

Wad – (chiefly military) (derogatory) stupid or annoying person; jerk

Waddie / Waddy – wooden club

Wadjamacallit - something you don't know the name of

Waffle - nonsense

Wag – 1. skip school; 2. truancy

Waggin' school / Wagging school - playing truant

Wait till the cow comes home / Wait till the cows come home – wait all day

Wake-up - 1.  (obsolete) a person who is in the know; one who is alert; 2. a wake-up, fully aware of what is going on; alert (from the earlier British slang (mid.19th C.) “awake” - knowing, fly, knowledgeable, and “wide-awake (to)” - aware of, in the know; note also that standard English has had the phrase “awake to” meaning “aware of” since the 18th C.; def. 1 is possibly originally a jocular formation in which the phrase “awake up” becomes “a wake-up”, much the same as the joke: “Be alert. We need more lerts!”)

Wake-up to, a – (n.) aware of someone's ruse, deceitfulness, hidden agenda, etc.

Wake up to oneself - adopt a more sensible and responsible attitude

Wake up to smb. – become aware of the motives, true nature, etc., of (someone)

Wakey-wakey - wake up!

Walk all over – 1. be domineering towards someone; 2. defeat

Walk away with - win easily

Walk off with - remove without permission; steal; 2. win, as in a competition; 3. outdo one's competitors; win easily
Walkabout – 1. walk in the Outback by Aborigines that lasts for an indefinite amount of time; 2. extended trip or tour, on foot

Walking - (of a person) having the quality typical of some specified thing: “walking calculator”, “walking dictionary”, “walking disaster area”, “walking garbage disposal”
Walking ticket - laying off from one’s job

Walkover – 1. (racing) going over the course at a walk or otherwise by a contestant who is the only starter; 2. easy victory; 3. done easily; deceived easily

Wallie / Wally – 1. someone who keeps making mistakes; not a very clever person; 2. wallet

Wallie Grout / Wally Grout – shout, turn to buy

Wallop - thrash
Walloper – 1. one who thrashes smb.; 2. policeman

Waltz Matilda - wander about as a tramp with a swag; carry one's swag

Waltzing Matilda - wandering aimlessly

Wang – penis

Wangle - bring about, accomplish, or obtain by contrivance, scheming, or often, indirect or insidious methods (“wag” + “dangle”)

Wank – 1. masturbate; 2. act or instance of masturbation; 3. something which belies self-indulgent or egotistical behaviour: “This movie is a complete wank”; “A three thousand dollar weekend to get in touch with yourself - what a wank!”; 4. person exhibiting self-indulgent behaviour; wanker

Wank off - (used imperatively) go away; piss off!

Wank on - talk at length

Wank oneself - maintain an illusion; deceive oneself

Wank stain – loser

Wankasaurus - very egotistical, self-important or obnoxious person; a wanker who is worse than most wankers

Wanker - one who (either metaphorically or actually) masturbates; can connote: 1. stupidity; 2. funny or amusing; 3. egotistical; 4. self indulgent. (A good insult for all purposes.)

Wankerie / Wankery - nonsense; rubbish

Wankerism - nonsense; rubbish

Wankie / Wanky – 1. pretentious; 2. stupid; foolish

Wanks on planks – skateboarder

Wanna-be / Wannabe – (derogatory) 1. person who aspires to be like a specified person, usually someone famous: “a Dolly Parton wannabe”; 2. person who aspires to a particular role in life but has not achieved it: “an Olympic wannabe”; 3. trying very hard but not succeeding (from the collocation “wanna be” = want to be)

Wanna go halves in a rape charge? – what do you think of that woman?

^ War paint - women's cosmetics

War Sigma Tilda – (Strine) waltzing Matilda

Warez – (Internet) versions of commercial software that have had the copy-protection erased or have been otherwise tampered with so as to make them available non-commercially (respelling of “wares” in order to distinguish this sense from the ordinary sense of the word; the use of “z” for a voiced final “s” is common on the Internet)

Warm-eye gonadoo? – (Strine) what am I going to do?

Warp speed - (jocular) exceedingly fast speed (from science fiction “warp speed” = speed beyond that of the speed of light)

Warts and all / Warts ‘n’ all - including all defects

Warwick – arm: "whiffy under the Warwicks" = "smelly under the arms"; (rhyming slang; see: “Warwick farm”)

Warwick farm – arm (rhyming slang)

Washboard stomach - stomach with well-defined, well-toned, rippling muscles

Washer-upperer - one who washes the dishes

WASP - (derogatory) 1. member of the First World establishment conceived as being white, Anglo-Saxon and protestant; 2. of or pertaining to this establishment (acronym from “White Anglo-Saxon Protestant”)

Wasp and bee / Wasp ‘n’ bee – tea (rhyming slang)

Waste - murder or kill, especially by shooting

Waste of space / Waste o’ space - stupid or useless person

Wasted – 1. completely exhausted; 2. under the effects of alcohol or drugs

Water a horse / Water the horse(s) – go to urinate

Water sports - sexual activities involving urination

Waterhole - pub or hotel

Waterworks - bladder or its functioning

Waxhead - surfboard rider (in reference to the wax used on surfboards)

Waxie / Waxy - surfboard rider (in reference to the wax used on surfboards)

^ Way - extremely: “She's way cool”; “That was way good”; “Open 'til way late”

Way back when - long time ago

Wazza - nickname for Warren

WC – toilet (initialism from “water closet”)

Weak as gin's piss / Weak as gins piss - (of beer) watery and tasteless; poor quality (from the Aboriginal language Dharug)

Weak as piss - extremely weak (often refers to character or physical strength)

^ Weakie / Weaky - weak or cowardly person

Wear – 1. accept, tolerate, or be convinced by: He told me a lie but I wouldn't wear it”; 2. take as a blow: “You wore that hockey stick right across the face”

Wear strap-ons – (about a female) be a Lesbian

Wear the baggie green / Wear the baggy green - represent Australia at Test cricket

Wear the pants – 1. be in charge; 2. dominate

Weatherboard - wooden house

Wedding tackle – penis

Wedgie / Wedgy - prank in which someone's pants are grabbed and pulled up sharply in order to wedge the clothing uncomfortably into the anal cleft

Wee / Wee-wee / Wee-wees – 1. urine; 2. urinate (imitative of the sound of a stream of urine onto the side of a chamber-pot)

Wee jar stono – (Strine) we just don't know

Weed – 1. thin, weak person, esp. a male; 2. (older slang) cigar or cigarette; 3. the weed - marijuana

Weedie / Weedy - skinny and weak; tall, thin and puny

Weener – 1. penis, especially a small one; 2. man with a small penis; 3. sausage [from German “wiener(wurst)” = Vienna (sausage); influenced by “wee” = small]

Weenie / Weeny – 1. penis, especially a small one; 2. man with a small penis; 3. sausage [from German “wiener(wurst)” = Vienna (sausage); influenced by “wee” = small]

Weird - electric railway station near Hunner Street, Sinny. [Trines leave Weird for Naw Sinny, Slennets and the Naw Shaw. (Note: “Weird” should not be confused with the English word "weird", as in "They're a Weird Mob") (Macquarie Dictionary: Book of Slang. - http://www.macquariedictionary.com.au/p/dictionary/slang-a.html)]

^ Weirdo - one who behaves in a strange, abnormal, or eccentric way

Welcome as a fart in a phone box - get out of here

Welcome as a pork chop in a synagogue - not popular

Welcome as a pork chop in Jerusalem - not popular

Welcome as a turd in a swimming pool – unpopular

Welken knife..? – (Strine) well, can I have..?

Well - extremely; totally; completely: “a well dodgy piece of work”; “that's like a well stupid answer”

Well-endowed – 1. (of a man) with large genitalia; 2. (of a woman) with large breasts

Well-hung - (of a male) with large genitalia

Well, I'll be hornswoggled - exclamation of surprise, incredulity, etc.

Well-oiled - drunk

Well stacked - large breasted (woman)

Weller corset Saul-wye school linnermore ninx - well, of course it’s always cool in the mornings

^ Wensdie / Wensdy - Wednesday

Were you born in a barn? - phrase used to reprimand a person who has forgotten to close a door

Were you born in a field? - phrase used to reprimand a person who has forgotten to close a door

Were you born in a tent? - phrase used to reprimand a person who has forgotten to close a door

Werris – 1. Greek; 2. leak (rhyming slang: “Werris Creek” = leak = Greek)

Werris Creek – 1. Greek; 2. leak

West Island - people in NZ refer to Australia, as the "West Island" as NZ has two main land masses, North and South Islands

Westie / Westy – 1. (derogatory) person from the western suburbs of Sydney, usually characterised as being unsophisticated, uncouth, and typically wearing certain distinguishing items of clothing, as flannelette shirts and ugh boots. The word is applied negatively to any people living west of one's own suburb, thus a Bondi inhabitant may call a person from Ryde a westie, but Ryde inhabitants would not consider themselves such, and instead apply the term to people from Parramatta, who in turn apply it to people from Penrith, etc.; 2. pertaining to a westie; characteristic of a westie

^ Wet – (adj.) silly, simple, moronic

Wet, the - (n.) rainy season in Northern Australia

Wet as a soup sandwich – horny

Wet back - migrant from south of the border, i.e. NSW or Victoria, to Queensland (reference to illegal Mexican immigrants)

^ Wet enough to bog a duck – rain a lot

Wet fart - fart in which some liquid waste is also ejected

Wet patch - wet area left on bedding after sexual intercourse

Wet sock - characterless person

Wettie / Wetty – (surfing) wetsuit

Wettie rash / Wetty rash – (surfing) rash caused from wearing a wetsuit

Wezzme – where is my?..: “Wezzme hembairg and wezzme earniform?”; “Wezzme pressure-pack sherry and meem rangs an me autographed photo of Lassie?”

Whack – 1. place in a rough or slap-dash manner: “Just whack it down in the corner; whacked a dirty big line through it”; 2. go or attempt: “take a whack at a job”; 3. portion or share: “pays his whack”; “Give me my whack now”; 4. act of male masturbation; wank

Whack off – masturbate

Whack off with - steal: “Who whacked off with me pencil sharpener?”

Whack the illie / Whack the illy - perform a confidence tricks; be a con artist (probably a variant of “eelie”)

Whack up - divide up; share Whacked – 1. exhausted; defeated: “I am whacked from all that work”; 2. under the effects of alcohol or drugs; out of it

Whacked out - under the effects of alcohol or drugs; out of it

Whacker - stupid person

Whackie / Wacky - erratic, irrational, or unconventional; crazy

Whacking - large: “whacking great smack on the lips”
Whacko – 1. expression denoting pleasure, delight, etc.; 2. eccentric; crazy; bizarre

Whacko-the-did / Whacko-the-diddle-oh - expression denoting pleasure, delight, etc.

Whaddya – what do you?..

Whale - Murray River cod
Whale of (o’) a time - having a really enjoyable time

Whallopers – police

Wham bam thank you ma'am – 1. act of sexual intercourse, especially when quick and unromantic; 2. anything done quickly and without fuss

^ Whammie / Whammy - supposed supernatural blow or spell

Whang - penis

Whanger - penis

Wharfie / Wharfy – dock-worker

Whassup - form of greeting (respelling of the phrase “what's up”)

What a bummer! – smb. is let down by something

What a goose! – smb. who is not too smart; silly

What about..? - interrogative requesting someone's opinion: “What about that guy the other night? Wasn't he freaky?”

What can I do you for? - (jocular) what can I do for you?

What do you do for a crust? - how do you earn a living?

What else did smb. get for Christmas? - sarcastic expression used to belittle someone who is showing off

What for - severe treatment, punishment, or violence

^ What has that got to do with the price of potatoes? / What's that got to do with the price of potatoes? - phrase used to question the relevance of a piece of information

What is cooking? / What’s cooking? - request to be told what is happening

What is for tea? Bread and duck under the table / What is for tea? Bread ‘n’ duck under the table / What’s for tea? Bread and duck under the table / What’s for tea? Bread ‘n’ duck under the table / What is for the tea? Bread and duck under the table / What is for the tea? Bread ‘n’ duck under the table / What’s for the tea? Bread and duck under the table / What’s for the tea? Bread ‘n’ duck under the table – you'll see!

^ What is one’s game? / What is your game? / What’s one’s game? / What's your game? - What are you up to?

What is one(‘s) poison? / What is you(r) poison? / What’s one(‘s) poison? / What's you(r) poison? - What would you like to drink?

What is that? / What's that? – request to repeat smth.

What is that got to do with the price of fish? / What's that got to do with the price of fish? - phrase used to question the relevance of a piece of information

What is the go? / What's the go? - how does one proceed from here?

What is this? Bush week? / What’s this? Bush week? - somebody tells someone something that is not true

What is up? / What’s up? - what is happening; what is the latest news; often used as a form of greeting: “What's up down in Melbourne?”

^ What makes one(‘s) tick - what motivates one's behaviour

What's-her -face / What's-his-face / What's-one's-face / What's-their-face / Whats-her -face / Whats-his-face / Whats-one's-face / Whats-their-face – term for someone who's name you cannot remember

What’s the fuck? - exclamation of surprise

What’s the hell? - exclamation of contempt, dismissal, etc.

What the fuck! - exclamation of surprise

What the hell! - exclamation of contempt, dismissal, etc.

^ What will you do for a face when the monkey wants its arse back? – smb. is ugly

Whatchamacallit - something you don't know the name of

Whatsit - something you don't know the name of

Wheelie / Wheely – 1. violent, usually noisy skidding of the driving wheels of a motor car while accelerating as around a corner or from a standing start: “to do a wheelie”; 2. manoeuvre performed on a bicycle, motorbike, etc., in which the front wheel is lifted and held off the ground whilst in motion

Wheelman - driver of a getaway car

Wheels – (pl. n.) motor vehicle

When the crow shits – payday

When the shit hits the fan - when trouble begins (Middle English, verb, “shiten”, Old English (unrecorded) “scitan” - defecate; cognate with Middle Low German “schiten”, Dutch “schijten”, German “scheissen”, Old Norse “skita”; the noun goes back to Old English “scitte” = diarrhoea)

Where does smb. get off? - what gives him (her etc.) the right?; where does he (she etc.) get the effrontery?
^ Where the crows fly backwards - remote outback, strange place

Whiffie / Whiffy - smelly

While one's arsehole points to the ground - while one is alive: “I'll never come at it, not while my arsehole points to the ground”

Whim-wham - any odd or fanciful object or thing; something showy or useless

^ Whim-wham for a goose's bridle / Whim-wham for a goose's bridle - fanciful, non-existent object, used as an answer to an unwanted question (British dialect)

Whinecha - if I were you I would: " Whinecha leave him"

Whinge – complain

Whingeing Pom - (derogatory) English person thought to be always criticising and complaining about life in Australia

Whinger – whiner, an intollerable person given to unnecessary complaints

Whip – 1. jockey; 2. beat, outdo, or defeat, as in a contest
Whip around / Whip round – 1. collect money, e.g. for a gift for someone leaving work; 2. impromptu collection of money

Whip the cat – 1. cry over split milk; 2. give way to suppressed feelings of frustration by venting one's irritation on someone; 3. make a fuss or commotion; 4. reproach oneself

Whip up – 1. create with some haste: “whip up a meal”; 2. arouse to fury, intense excitement, etc.: “His speech soon whipped up the crowd”

Whips of - abundance: “whips of room”; “whips of money”

Whirling spray - Wirraway, obsolete R.A.A.F. training plane

Whistle - suit (rhyming slang for “whistle and flute”)

Whistle and flute / Whistle ‘n’ flute – suit (rhyming slang)

White - (coffee, tea etc.) with cream or milk

White head - pimple that has formed a head of pus

White maggot - an Australian Rules football umpire

^ White pointer(s) – 1. highway patrol; 2. topless (female) sunbather

Whiteant - criticise something to deter somebody from buying it. (A car dealer might whiteant another dealer's cars or a real estate salesman might whiteant another agent's property)

Whitefella – white man, white guy

Whitey / Whitie - (racist) person of a fair-skinned race

Whizz – (car sales) illegally wind back the odometer on a car prior to reselling it

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